Wholesale distributor and warehouse contract.

Authorisation for the distribution of medicines for human and veterinary use. (Narcotics, Psychotropics, Immunologic and cold chain products – Licence No.: P08000917)

Authorisation for the storage and distribution of medical and in vitro diagnostics supplies.

(Licence No. PS0515CAT)

Communication of Public Sales for Medical and In Vitro Diagnostics Supplies.

Storage of dietary products and nutritional supplements.
(General Sanitary Registry for Food Businesses and Foods 40.29609/B)

Multipurpose food storage.

(General Sanitary Registry for Food Trade – 40.29609/B)

Certificate of Good Distribution Practice.

(GDPs) No. PCD/1522/001/CAT

Registered as a supplier of the Spanish Health.

Authority for Unlicensed Medicines.
(GDPs) number PCD/1522/001/CAT