BCNFarma offers a full range of integrated, stationary and distribution services for the pharmaceutical industry and its customers, by adopting a customer-oriented operational approach.

After a careful analysis of customer needs, we craft a tailored proposal that allows us to work closely with the client by using the most appropriate services at all stages of the process.

We have a system that guarantee the product traceability at all the time and allows us to react quickly and accurately to a possible health authority alert so we can notify it promptly to our customers.

Our biggest and best achievement is our continued respect for the fulfillment of commitments undertaken in terms of performance, quality and punctuality. The basic flow of processes includes the reception and storage of goods in an equipped area, as well as order entry, picking and delivery, all these operations monitorised by a dedicated team to Customer Service.

Logistics Services

Delivery within 24/48 hours.

Domestic and international transport.

Customer Service (order entry, processing and fulfillment).

Controlled temperature storage management.

Quarantine management.

Entry into storage QA.

Complaint and return management.

Sample and promotional material management.

Collection of unsold medicines.


The company has a warehouse which is temperature-controlled at all times, very well communicated, easily accessible and centrally located with a storage capacity for 750 pallets, 7 refrigerated pallets and 8 pallets of controlled product.

The Information System runs a program geared toward the Storage and Distribution functions, duly validated. The areas were hardware is stored are specifically designed, climate-controlled, with UPS system and generator, exclusive dual redundant power supply, intrusion detection and fire systems. Backups are performed daily.


The security of goods stored is a crucial aspect of our logistics services, and we give it our utmost attention. The protection of products is guaranteed by intrusion detection systems at multiple levels: perimeter protection of industrial complexes, perimeter security specification of the operating units and video surveillance systems connected to private security companies. Storage and office areas are likewise protected by smoke and fire detection systems.

We comply with the quality standards and government authorisations required for the management of all types of products: pharmaceutical, psychotropic, narcotics, controlled temperature, etc.

Bcnfarma ofrece asistencia directa a las CRO (Clinical Research Organization) para análisis clínicos, proyectos de investigación y de pruebas científicas, además de apoyo a las empresas farmacéuticas en las actividades de gestión en logística, previas al lanzamiento de nuevos productos, como pruebas en el área clínica y de laboratorio, productos para las pruebas de bioequivalencia y biodisponibilidad, o pruebas de “doble ciego”. También da apoyo logístico y de distribución a las empresas que comercializan medicamentos huérfanos.

En la actividad de gestión, a través de una empresa del mismo Grupo en Italia, Euromed Clinical Supply Services (ECLISSE®) (incluir LINK) se pueden satisfacer todas las necesidades, tanto para productos de marca como para genéricos: formas de dosificación, concentraciones y tamaños de envase disponibles (incluyendo las adaptaciones para diferentes países); cantidades disponibles como lotes individuales y fechas de vencimiento; documentación (certificados de análisis y conformidad, la EEB / EET, pedigrí, etc.) y posibles futuros cambios al producto en el caso de reformulación.